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Lati S.p.A. is an indipendent European compounder leading the way in hi-tech thermoplastics.
Today we offer more than 2500 fit-for-use materials with new tailor made compounds being released on daily base.

All of our products are carefully engineered and developed following the strictest Customer's requirements and quality controls.
Available worldwide through its sales network, LATI compounds can provide outstanding solutions for any industrial sector.
LATILUB self-lubricating technopolymers adopted by the boating industry. Applications for the boating sector are among those...
Electrically conductive and colorable for ATEX. Safety in explosive atmospheres has been regulating for years by the European ATEX Directives...
Automotive and thermally conductive compounds. Weight reduction is an essential requirement for automotive and transports in general...
Conductive compounds temperature cools down. Between reality and false myths, here are some recommendations to take best advantage of the...
Latiohm electrically conductive compounds Plastics are traditionally associated with the concept of electrical insulation.
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The aims of the NanoMaster project are to reduce the amount of plastic used to make a component...
The main objective of NANOPOLYTOX is the monitoring of the life cycle of three families...

High mechanical resistance, high dimensional stability

Application sector: Electronic - Entertainment
Molded part: Switch
Material: LATISTAT 36/MR-04

Project requirements and specifications:
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