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Nautical Applications


Special materials for nautical applications

A brochure on various applications that could be of interest to the nautical sector is currently being elaborated.

Thanks to Lati's broad experience in the field of thermoplastic compounds for technical use, the company can effectively meet virtually any requirement in an extremely wide range of applications and sectors.

Lati's mission includes the total satisfaction of its customers by providing products with high technological content, the kind of flexibility that can accommodate the ever-changing demands of the market, and consistent quality over time.

In the brochure, which will be published in English and Italian, the various requirements for materials used in the nautical sector will be described. Such requirements include:
  • Resistance to UV rays, to maintain all mechanical and elastic properties intact
  • Mechanical strength
  • Lightness, in thermoplastic materials
  • Thermal and dimensional stability
  • Self-lubrication
  • Resistance to chemicals, in materials that come into contact with grease and particularly with sea water.

Last but not least, lower costs resulting from reducing structural weight and from the high industrialization of production processes.

Besides this strictly "technological" service regarding materials, Lati also provides design support through finite elements methods (FEM). Employed by Lati since 1995, these methods enable the company to simulate the behaviour of components in service (Structural Analysis) and to study problems associated with the injection molding process that is used to build the components (Moldflow Analysis).The brochure will be distributed by our sales representatives beginning in September 2002.

20 March 2002
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