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Ethic - The European
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ETHIC is a brand new reality in the realm of Trade Associations operating in the European plastic materials field. The objective of ETHIC, the European Thermoplastics Independent Compounders Association, is to present, popularise, promote and protect, throughout the European Community, the activities of the independent thermoplastics compounders which today represent a fundamental component of the chain of supply of innovative, specific well balanced thermoplastic products for application in various industrial fields. "Independent compounders" are those companies that operate on the market independently from major polymer manufacturers. This makes the independent compounders free from the logic of major chemical groups and thus more oriented towards the requirements of even small customers. The same approach is also true for versatility and quickness in the development of products capable of meeting the emerging requirements of various fields of application. Their action is an essential integration to that of major polymer manufacturers, and thanks to the synergies that might arise among these important groups, it allows those industries which convert and use plastic materials, to get the products they need at the best possible technical and economic conditions.

The compounders' task is to create "added value". In ETHIC, alongside the independent compounders, there is also a group of producers of Master Batches, who have a lot of common traits under various aspects (technological, marketing, offer integration, etc.).

The ETHIC association was founded in June 2000 by a group of brave and qualified European compounders who were the first to ask themselves questions regarding their role, the future of their market and lastly their existing and hopeful relationships with major polymer manufacturers. ETHIC is a Division of an important and wide Community Trade Association called EuPC (European Plastic Converters) which represents the associative body for the entire European polymer converting and processing industry. EuPC was created in 1990, and today represents more than 30.000 companies and consists in about 45 Specific Group Associations.

Also thanks to the synergy that clearly stems from belonging to an Association of these proportions and relevance as EuPC, ETHIC members can benefit from a set of advantages and opportunities which automatically translate into benefit for client companies which operate in the converting of plastic materials: the same is true for the end-users.

Among all the advantages it is worthwhile to mention the following:
  • ready and immediate acknowledgement of all Community legislation and directives on the subject: consequently immediate adaptation of the products to these new requirements. For instance we can mention all the aspects connected to ecology/environment, to safety and health, etc.;
  • a more consistent and efficient obligation towards standardisation of thermoplastic compounds so as to facilitate the task of technicians and purchasers in this field;
  • a common goal to search for continuous purchasing improvement, to search for operative efficiency thanks to a mutual and continuous confrontation with standards for this field (REFERENCE OBJECTIVES). Also in this case the expected benefits must translate into technical and economic benefits for customers;
  • wide range of actions aimed at updating/ confrontation with the various realities in other geographical areas (Asia, North America, etc.) operating in the field of technical compounds in order for European Companies to remain ahead of times in their specific fields.

From an organisation stand point, ETHIC is structured in an Executive Committee consisting in a President, a Vice-president and four effective members. The General Shareholders' Meeting is held twice a year.

LATI is proud to belong to ETHIC, and to have intensively worked for its creation. Today we are, and will be in the future, dedicated to giving all the possible and necessary support to make this Association grow. We believe that the success of this organism will allow European compounders to grow in terms of development and market shares, of qualitative improvements of products in line with the requirements of an harmonious and correct growth of the plastic material industry in our continent.

LATI also believes that its commitment in reaching these objectives shall inevitably translate into a concrete benefit also for its world customers. We guarantee our commitment to promptly transfer to our clients all the information that might be useful to their activity which, thanks to ETHIC's presence in Brussels' Community Organisations, will be communicated to us.

We are only at the beginning; ETHIC is still young; it must still necessarily grow and develop if nothing else in the number of member Companies. We are sure that the results of this activity will be far more superior than file:///Users/zighetti/Lavoro/Lati/en/news/2003/TMPMROKSM.htm what we have here synthetically summarised.

According to right and well-established practices, we can do nothing else but give ETHIC and its members our best wishes that this undertaking based on the widest co-operation and ambitious objectives shall turn out to be useful to all European companies operating in the field of polymers.

16 December 2003

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