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High Performance Products

Lati has been engaged in the development of compounds based on high-performance thermoplastic polymers for many years.
As a result, the company has acquired significant experience in its field of operation.

Thanks to the contribution of major suppliers of special resins, additives, reinforcers and fillers, a wide range of products have been perfected which can substitute metals, ceramic materials and composites in many applications. The relative compounds have been developed using additives and reinforcers that are specifically designed for creating materials with special characteristics. These materials can meet the needs of customers doing business in important market sectors such as electrical products, electronics, automotive, medical products and equipment, and many others.

Lati's polymers offer great performance, production processes that respect the environment, reduced costs, lower weight and increased reliability.

The brochure that Lati will soon publish in both English and Italian is intended to provide basic knowledge of the special characteristics which distinguish the company's high-performance thermoplastic resins. The brochure will be a useful aid to everyone who must choose or utilize materials requiring exceptional performance.

8 September 2003
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