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Luceplan, LATI and the "Tivedo" LED lamp

Luceplan, LATI and the "Tivedo" LED lamp

“A light, jointed and technological table lamp”.

With this iconic definition, LUCEPLAN, a world leader in the field of made in Italy lighting design, describes the brand new Tivedo designed by Sebastian Bergne.

Made of a polymer and metal frame designed to ensure stability and ease of use, Tivedo contains a latest generation LED solution in its swivelling head that offers an excellent ratio between light output and energy consumption.

To ensure proper cooling of the LED module, a heat sink was introduced that gained a new role in the case of Tivedo: from a purely technical device to a real design feature that completes the aesthetic design of this lamp. The radiator is made, in fact, of a visible finned surface suggestive of a woven fabric pattern.

The heat sink must be capable of ensuring the maximum heat transfer efficiency, keeping weight and dimensions to the minimum while maintaining an extremely attractive look.

These reasons led LUCEPLAN to leave the traditional path of metal, opting for the thermally conductive LATICONTHER 62 GR/50 compound.

Based on PA6 and graphite 50% by weight, this compound is optimized for the injection molding of even low thickness technical parts.

The thermal conductivity of LATI graphite filled grades – higher than 10 W/mk – ensures the best cooling of LED electronics, especially in regime of natural convection as in the case of the Tivedo lamp.

Another interesting feature is the density of LATICONTHER compounds, which is, in this case, next to half the density of an extremely light metal such as aluminium.

Lastly, the choice of injection molding ensures saving of all expensive and laborious processing stages typical of metalworking, from flash removal to waste management, from washing to painting.

LATICONTHER thermally conductive compounds are available in the electrically insulating or conductive versions starting from any thermoplastic base, from PP to PEEK.

10 November 2014
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