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Detectable seals and cable ties: SIGITAL and LATI MDT

Detectable seals and cable ties: SIGITAL and LATI MDT

It is well known that compromises can no longer be accepted when food quality is at stake, as established by the tight legal and health constraints governing the industry.

This has prompted the whole chain involved in food processing to set very high safety standards ensuring maximum reliability of what ends up on our tables.

The equipment used in transporting and processing meat, fruits, vegetables, baked products, and pasta should not leave any traces in processed food and beverages.

In order to ensure detection of any contamination, it is essential that all the involved devices are made of materials detectable by metal detection systems.

For the purpose of responding to this requirement, LATI has developed its range of MDT thermoplastic compounds, available on any thermoplastic base, colorable, suitable for food contact and, above all, detectable even in small quantities by metal detectors designed for any operating principle.

SIGITAL is now proposing an extraordinarily innovative interpretation of LATAMID 66 MDT compound, a detectable material based on PA66 and blue colored, as required by the industry.

As a leading company in the field of special purpose seals, SIGITAL offers a complete range of ties meant not only for the food industry for which they are designed, but also for other fields such as Security, Medical and Pharmaceutical industry, etc., where seal traceability or parts thereof, is essential.

The customer has chosen LATAMID 66 MDT also for the excellent resistance to mechanical stresses that makes this tie robust and tough, but flexible even at lowest temperatures.

In addition to its high versatility, the selected compound is also suitable for molding very thin items in multi-cavity molds thanks to the fluidity of the material in the molten state obtained by properly selecting the base resin and the detectable filler.

18 December 2014
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