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Ties detectable by metal detector

Ties detectable by metal detector
Novoflex - Ties detectable by metal detector

Industrial contexts in which the absence of any kind of pollutants in production processes is an overriding requirement that is ever increasing.

In addition to the food and medical industry, many operational steps in different industries, such as electrics and electronics, automotive, tire and airbag manufacturing, synthesis and packaging of drugs, etc., are subjected to extremely stringent controls.

To avoid the presence of polluting particles of any kind and size, control points are set up along the production process, the results of which are systematically analyzed and verified by HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standards.

While the presence of metallic contaminants is relatively easy to detect, the detection of synthetic particles such as, e.g., plastics or rubber is much more complex due to the non-traceability of these materials by metal detectors based on a magnetic field or X-ray technology.

To cope with this difficulty, LATI has developed the MDT family of compounds formulated to be detected by magnetic detectors even in very small quantities.

Novoflex, an Indian world leading company in the field of systems for the protection and fixing of electrical cables, has chosen LATAMID 6 MDT04-01 BLUE: 7566F1 for the manufacturing of a full range of cable ties for the management of wiring in special industrial plants.

Novoflex cable ties, which are available in different sizes, are designed to reliably withstand high mechanical stresses up to 3 kg/mm2 with an elongation at break of over 10%. The extremely high resilience of Novoflex ties is ensured regardless of the environmental conditions of use, despite the compound formulation based on a resin that is relatively sensitive to environmental humidity, such as PA6.

The performance of fixing elements is also ensured within a temperature range of -40°C/+85°C. The material components ensure the detection of polluting particles with both conventional metal detectors based on magnetic field disturbances and X-ray systems.

The blue color of the compound allows for quick visual or optical identification.

Novoflex ties are also designed for use in contact with food thanks to the special formula of the selected LATAMID, which is extruded without introducing plasticizers that can migrate to the surface and is reinforced with ceramics that can be detected while being compatible with food and drinking water.

For further information please contact the technical service of LATI Spa – www.lati.com

18 December 2017

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