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Door Knob
Hinge system moving opening doors
Tie for formworks
Hinge pin for doors and windows
Box for electronic devices controlling lifts
Support for adjustable seat-back
Part of a shunt valve for boiler

Application Sector: Furniture

Moulded part: Door closing system. Metal alloy (Zamak) replacement

Material: Latigloss 66 H2 G/50 (for the body-lock structural part), Kelon B H CET/30 (for the upper button)

Project requirements:
• Zamak replacement (metal alloy with Zinc-Aluminium-
   Magnesium), today the most proved and reliable
   material used in architectural design and furniture
• At the same time a very high mechanical properties of
   the body-lock system and a glossy and regular surface finishing;
• Nice surface finish and  good resilience of the upper button was required as well;
• Today the door-knob is even produced with same materials but a special formulation
   provides an antibacterial action.

Application Sector: Furnishing (high-end kitchens)

Moulded part: Hinge system moving opening doors

Material: LATIGLOSS 66 H2 G/50

Project requirements:
• Whole zamak replacement (alloy made of zinc,   aluminium, magnesium and copper) with a polymeric   compound in the whole hinge system;
• Top mechanical properties thanks to the presence of   50 and 60% glass fibres, a reinforcement chosen for   specific structural use;
• Excellent aesthetic aspect allows to implement the   solution into covers; aesthetical appeal is obtained with a special matrix formulation,   featuring glossy and homogeneous aspect;
• Outstanding dimensional stability, even in case of problematic geometries as plates   or not stiffened flat surfaces similar to the here discussed part;
• Friendly for injection moulding: processing conditions are exactly alike to those of a   normal Polyamide 66, 50% glass fibre reinforced.

Application Sector: Building

Moulded part: Tie for formworks

Material: LATAMID 66 H2 G/50

Project requirements:
• Very high load resistance: tightness > 1600 kg;
• Excellent fatigue resistance;
• Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and    ultraviolet rays;
• The molded part with LATAMID 66 H2 G/50
   substituted the metal part, exceeding the expected
   security loads   in the application. Advantage: no
   oxidation and   rusting.

Application Sector: Household appliance

Moulded part: Hinge pin for doors and windows

Material: LATILUB 66-20T G/20

Project requirements:
• Excellent wear resistance;
• Low coefficient of friction;
• Elevated rigidity and mechanical resistance;
• Sound deadening to reduce noise during use;
• With LATILUB 66-20T G/20 it is no longer necessary
   to grease the hinge.

Application Sector: Building

Moulded part: Box for electronic devices controlling lifts

Material: LATISHIELD 36/AR - 05A-V0

Project requirements:
• Self extinguishing UL94V-0;
• EMI shielding;
• Good impact resistance;
• High dimensional stability;
• The molded part is tested to verify if the electro    magnetic shielding performance meets the    requirements of the European norm 12015 (updated    version of 55011), concerning EM waves emissions, for lift parts;
• The values needed are: 30 dBuV/m for frequencies from 30 to 230 MHz and 37    dBuV/m for frequencies from 230 to 1 GHz.

The LATI compound is perfect to achieve the required attenuation. The part in LATISHIELD 36/AR - 05A - V0 has substituted the metal part.

Application Sector: Furnishing

Moulded part: Support for adjustable seat-back

Material: LATAMID 6 H2 G/30

Project requirements:
• High rigidity;
• Excellent mechanical resistance to the high stresses    on the hinge;
• High dimensional stability;
• High fatigue resistance;
• Excellent compatibility and chemical resistance to self    lubricating grease.

Application Sector: Heating

Moulded part: Part of a shunt valve for boiler

Material: LAPEX A G/20

Project requirements:
• Excellent thermal resistance >135°C in continuous;
• High stiffness at high temperature;
• Very tight tolerances;
• High mechanical properties;
• High hydrolysis resistance.
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