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Cutter/slicer lever
Housing for coil bobbin using Laticonther™
Clutch cylinder for transmission (washing machine)
Pressure sensor
Socket and plug for steam/vacuum cleaner

Application sector: Domestical appliances

Molded part: Cutter/Slicer Lever

Material: LATIGLOSS 66 H2 G/50

Project requirements:
• High mechanical performance;
• Flawless surface finish;
• High thickness (up to 17mm x 30 mm), without sink    marks;
•Metal plating & high stiffness of the part provide a   remarkable metal-look

Application sector: Household appliance

Molded part: Coil bobbin encapsulation inside an isothermal humidifier.

Material: LATICONTHER 62-CPG/750

Project requirements:
• Improve heat transport capabilities than previous    cast-resin;
• Use higher working current and to reduce inner   resistance of the part, improving overall   performances;
• Guarantee a better cooling of the coils, lowering heat   buildup phenomena;
• Thermal conductivity > 1,5 W/mK;
• Outstanding dielectric properties (compounding only   electrically insulating ceramics).

Application Sector: Domestic Appliancesl

Moulded part: Clutch cylinder for transmission (washing machine)

Material: LATILUB 75/4 - 20T

Project requirements:
• Excellent self lubricating in absence of grease and    oils;
• Excellent thermal properties - the moulded part is    tested for short term operation up to 150°C;
• Tight tolerances;
• Very good mechanical properties;
• LATILUB 75/4-20T is preferred to POM for better    thermal properties and better dimensional stability.

Application Sector: Household Appliances

Moulded part: Pressure sensor

Material: LATAMID 66 H2 G/30

Project requirements:
• High mechanical resistance for the threaded part;
• Thermal requirements: 80°C continuous;
• High dimensional stability;
• Excellent chemical resistance;
• The Moldflow simulation has been performed to verify    the dimensional stability required for the pressure    sensor body.

The best solution provided by the analysis consists in feeding the part by using two symmetric injection locations placed along the threaded body together with a well balanced runner system layout.

Application Sector: Domestic appliances

Moulded part: Socket and plug for steam/vacuum cleaner

Material: LATAMID 66 H2 G/35 - V0KB1

Project requirements:
• Very good mechanical resistance;
• Very good impact strength (in case of sudden impact    during operation);
• Self-extinguish: UL94V-0 "Recognized" halogen free;
• Excellent surface finish;
• Operating test at temperature of 100 °C;
• Excellent resistance to steam;
• High dimensional stability.
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