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Jack support bracket
Siren membrane
Lampholder for coach dashboard
Fuel injector overmolding
Pump Housing
Connector for railway relay
Headlight group support for bus
Gear-box bushing

Application Sector: Automotive

Moulded part: Jack support bracket

Material: LATAMID 6 CH2 G/30

Project requirements:
• Good surface finish;
• Parts must meet dimensional requirements and pass    impact testing;
• Material must be on end user approved material list.

Application Sector: Automotive

Moulded part: Siren membrane

Material: LATAMID 66 H2 G/20

Project requirements:
• Excellent mechanical resistance to ensure the    diaphragm excellent resistance and flexibility;
• Excellent material fluidity to fill 0.2 mm thickness;
• Under bonnet temperature thermal resistance;
• Under bonnet environment chemical resistance.

The excellent mechanical properties of the product allow to replace the diaphragm, previously realized, with thermosetting resin. This allows, moreover, to produce both the diaphragm and the support in a single shot. The customer's innovative idea has been studied and realized thanks to the Mould Flow study, carried out by our CAE division, which has allowed to forecast the optimal moulding conditions.

Application Sector: Automotive

Moulded part: Lampholder for coach dashboard

Material: LARTON GCE/600

Project requirements:
• Continuous use temperature up to 180-200°C;
• Excellent dimensional stability;
• Self-extinguishing: UL94-V0 "Recognised".

Application Sector: Automotive

Moulded part: Fuel injector overmolding

Material: LATAMID 6 H2 G/35

Project requirements:
• Tight tolerances on dimensions;
• Good mechanical and thermal properties;
• Good resistance to gasoline and fuel;
• Suitable to be used with metal inserts.

Application Sector: Automotive

Moulded part: Pump Housing

Material: LARAMID G/35

Project requirements:
• Excellent mechanical resistance;
• Excellent thermal resistance;
• Excellent resistance to glycol at high temperature    (100°C);
• Low moisture absorption.

The LARAMID has shown better performance than PA 66.

Application Sector: Public transport

Moulded part: Connector for railway relay

Material: LATAMID 66 H2, G/25-V0CT1

Project requirements:
• The material is "Class 3" according to the
   NF F 16-102 norm, having the classification I2-F3;
• Electrical insulation test at 2.5 KV and 50Hz for 1    minute;
• Self extinguishing UL94-V0 at 0,8 mm "recognized";
• Pass GWT 850°C without flame;
• CTI >= 400 V;
• The part could be used in the presence of sulphuric    acid;
• Very tight tolerances;
• Use temperatures: from -25°C to +70°C.

Application Sector: Public transport

Moulded part: Headlight group support for bus

Material: LATAMID 6 H2 G/30

Project requirements:
• Excellent mechanical strength;
• Excellent resistance to vibration and "creep";
• Excellent adhesion to inserts applied after moulding;
• Use temperature from -20°C +85°C.

Flow and warpage analysis targets:
• To locate the gates;
• Flow balancing;
• To determine the best moulding conditions;
• Weld lines in non critical area.

Flow analysis result:
• Balanced flow in the cavity;
• Weld lines in non critical area;
• Optimal fibres orientation.

Application Sector: Automotive

Moulded part: Gear-box bushing

Material: LATILUB 67-10ST E21 G/20

Project requirements:
• Excellent self-lubricating properties;
• Self-lubricating properties are obtained by using a    composition of different additives to give both wear    resistance and reduce freezing issues at start up;
• Excellent impact strength and mechanical resistance;
• Elastomer-filled formulation suitable for the snap fit    assembling;
• Chemical resistance to grease and oils, used in the    automotive field.
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