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Structural grades

With structural products the substitution of metal is a concrete opportunity offered to designers who want to combine the intrinsic advantages of polymers with the great ease of transformation and flexibility of design by injection-moulding.
The structural grades offer dimensional stability, rigidity, mechanical performances even under extreme stress and high temperatures, thanks to the reinforcements used, from glass fibre to high-tenacity carbon fibre, grades with an elastic module greatly superior to 20 GPa and a tensile stress superior to 230 MPa are available.
In addition, specific formulations guarantee maximum resistance to phenomena such as creep and fatigue, so enabling manufactured articles destined to sustain repeated and prolonged stress to be designed.
Special versions are also created to satisfy the most varied requirements, from self-extinguishing to self-lubrication, in coloured versions or with particular stabilization against ultraviolet radiation or chemical agression.

High-aesthetical structural grades
LATIGLOSS is a group of PA66 conceived for structural use and characterized by the exceptional properties of the surface finishing. With LATIGLOSS materials, the aspect of moulded products does not present the typical defects associated with a fibre content; this also applies to grades reinforced to 60%.

LATIGLOSS Improved Aesthetic Structural Thermoplastics

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