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Blaue Engel

The German Blaue Engel is the longest standing ecological quality label active since 1977 and widespread at national level. Today there are over 3600 products and services in over 100 categories.

Like other ecological labels it is directed towards promoting those products which are able to reduce a negative ecological impact and to facilitate the choices of those consumers, who in ever larger numbers, are interested in safeguarding the environment. At marketing level, in Germany, a company which produces goods certified Blaue Engel is in a more advantageous competitive position than the others.

The assignation of the label is carried out by a special jury made up of state representatives, environmental groups, consumers, scientific institutions, syndicates and industries.

LATI S.p.A. has always been sensitive to environmental issues; its strength lies in the assignation of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certificate and, thanks to studies and tests carried out by its technicians c/o the R&D laboratories, LATI possesses and is able to develop upon request an extensive range of low-impact environmental formulations which can give assistance to the customer who would like to design manufactured articles according to the "Blaue Engel" policy.

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