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Material Safety Data Sheets - Raw materials

Lati S.p.A. uses, for the formulation of its wide range of products, over 500 raw materials among basic resins, reinforcements, additives, lubricants and dyes.
For each of these, a MSDS is requested from the supplier, which is evaluated following strict toxicological procedures in order to authorize their potential use; the philosophy pursued by Lati S.p.A., which has made this one of the leading points of its environmental policy, is the continuous search for less hazardous raw materials to man and the environment. This has allowed Lati S.p.A. to find itself in a situation of advantage when legislative interventions have lead to the restriction of those raw materials, enabling the company to offer its customers an ecological alternative. This kind of approach anticipates many of the requirements provided for by the new European Regulation, concerning the registration, evaluation and authorization of chemical substances, better known as REACh.

Following this careful evaluation, the raw material is first brought to the R&D laboratories to verify its properties, after which the preindustrialization phase starts, in which the product is fine-tuned in conformity with the required standards.
Only then the raw material can enter the productive cycle.

All the MSDS, for both experimental and production raw materials, and their properties contribute to the creation of a toxicological database, constantly updated, included in the SAP management system and used for the creation of the finished products MSDS.

Lati S.p.A. suppliers are invited to send the MSDS of their products, in Italian and drawn up as per Regulation EC No. 1907/2006 (formerly Dir. 2001/58/EC), email to the appropriate address.

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