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Color tests

Colour is the physical property of materials of absorbing and/or reflecting a sizeable portion of the visible light to which they are exposed: colorimetry is the technology used to measure the respective phenomena.
In Lati, colorimetric measurements are carried out by means of spectrophotometers; sophisticated instruments that allow an optimal reading of colour regardless of the surface appearance of the sample to be analysed.

In the laboratory, both "classic" lamp spectrophotometers and new generation instruments with Xenon flash technology are used, supported by computer softwares for a thorough analysis of results.
The two main applications of colorimetry in Lati are: quality control of coloured materials and the realization of new colourings (formulation).
The quality control of our productions is carried out by registering the colorimetric standard on a computer media (it may be a piece from the customer, a RAL colour palette, a specific batch…), verifying that all the following productions correspond to the fixed tolerances.

In instrumental formulation, a specific software uses information regarding the rendering performance of pigments and dyes to make a formulation of the colour to be realized.
In certain cases, the visual evaluation of a colour could be important, for this reason Lati has at its disposal a light chamber with every standardized light source.

• D65
• F11
• UV

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