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Post manufacturing tests

The need to mark or identify the manufactured products after moulding means that the surface finishing must be evaluated.

The glossmeter

The glossmeter is an instrument which is able to evalutate the surface finishing or gloss of an object by means of the gloss, meant as the ratio between the quantity of incident light and the quantity of reflected light.

Laser marking

The basic properties of laser marking (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) are the following:

• It produces indelible marks, resistant to wear and abrasion;
• It allows precision, repeatability and high versatility in the process;
• It represents an ecological alternative to traditional methods, as it does not require inks and/or solvents;
• It allows fast manufacturing and startup cycles.

The picture to the left shows laboratory pad-printing test equipment, which allows the optimisation of formulations with the inks used by the Customer.

According to the problems involved, the tests are made on samples moulded in the laboratory or on moulded parts supplied by the client.

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