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Project development - choice of material

In the field of thermoplastic materials, a first accurate product selection on which the subsequent choices concerning the productive cycle and the design of the manufactured article are based, is of utmost importance.
Transformation parameters, mechanical, tribological, electrical and thermal requirements, and environmental conditions: all these elements are included in the research and in the realization of the most suitable products to be used in the various projects.
Besides technical discussions with the customer, LATI offers a tailor-made compounding service for the definition of grades which are studied ad hoc, a complete engineering study devoted to co-design, and training courses for the development of technical skills and a sensitivity to problems connected with the use of polymeric materials.

CO-DESIGN - Project development service

Fluid dynamic simulation

Through the simulation program Moldflow MPI, it is possible to verify the feasibility of the projects, evaluating filling, warpage and shrinkage problems deriving from injection moulding.
Moreover, thanks to calculation, the optimization of the moulding layout and input system, positioning of the cooling system and the modification of the design of the part in order to guarantee project tolerance. LATI guarantees complete support for:

MPI Flow: to study the moulding cycle, from filling to packing, controlling time, temperature and pressure.
MPI Fibre: to examine the influence of reinforcement fibres, both in the filling kinetics and in warpages.
MPI Warp: to evaluate the entity and the origin of shrinkages and warpages, correcting and limiting them when necessary.
MPI Fusion and 3D: to study the most complicated and non-moldable geometric shapes in a reliable manner, through the usual midplane approach.

Structural calculation

LATI offers complete support in the evaluation of the mechanical features or manufactured articles, realized with their compounds, taking into consideration the influence of factors such as temperature, time, fatigue and creep.

The simulations carried out c/o LATI take into consideration the non-linearities present in the mechanical features of the material in order to ensure the maximum conformity to the actual reaction of the manufactured article during filler application.

Design optimization, strengthening and thickness reduction: all these steps are carried out in order to exploit the properties of the reinforced polymers as well as of the injection moulding process.
Thermal calculation

With the commercialization of thermal conductive polymers, LATI has decided to replace metal also because of heating conductive problems.

The technical support foresees the simulation of the phenomenon of the conduction and diffusion of heat into the manufactured article realized in conductive polymer in order to evaluate the opportunity of realizing exchangers, radiators or conductors, so eliminating costs connected to metal transformation.

Data fitting

LATI characterizes all the manufactured materials c/o its laboratories.

The knowledge of the reaction of polymers and the influence of external factors on the main properties of the compounds allow LATI to give all the required information for a correct use of the product, both for the rheological aspects and the mechanical and thermal properties.

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