LATI S.p.A. training courses

Lati S.p.A. has always prided itself on its tradition of training, which concerns, internally, the staff, and externally, the customer.
Every year the President establishes a specific updated programme by way of the organization of various types of courses, both c/o Lati’s headquarters and directly c/o the customer.

Through specific training courses, organised by qualified personnel, useful and necessary knowledge is made available to the staff and interested customers, so enabling them to carry out their work successfully; the objective is in fact to develop and improve the professional and managerial competence of the individual involved, in addition to responding to specific technical-cognitive requirements which have arisen in determinate company sectors.

Particular attention is given to the newly-employed through the organization of technical lessons of thermoplastic and compound materials, in addition to the courses which concern safety and environment.

Considerable importance is accorded to technical courses which consist of training seminars. These courses are offered to the customers by Lati’s commercial executives.

Great value is given to the development of communication within the Company, which is guaranteed thanks to the meetings which take place at all levels, and which are finalized to inform the entire Company regarding the programmes and projects which have been undertaken.