The continual evolution of the Company regarding sustainable development is for LATI mandatory; the harmonization of economy and ecology while respecting the environment and the population is a logical consequence of this policy.

With these precise strongpoints, LATI has always adopted a rigorous and ambitious policy concerning health, safety and environment which has led the Company to be placed among the first entirely Italian companies to obtain in 1995 the certification of its environmental management system according to UNI EN ISO 14001.

Starting from a profound knowledge and an attentive evaluation of the production process supported by the analysis of the life cycle (Life Cycle Assessment – LCA) of its products, LATI has resolved to carefully monitor the impact of its activity in order to be constantly included in the sphere of environmental sustainability.

For the Company, this signifies a continual commitment regarding a careful choice and suitable treatment of raw materials, design of materials and a production which pays attention to the ecological aspects, transport system and an efficient and effective distribution network, not to mention the policies regarding the management of energy and waste material, all of which is undertaken with the maximum broadmindedness and transparency towards what LATI considers to be its most valuable assets: the staff, the customers and the population where LATI’s plants are situated, and with whom the Company shares a profound sense of belonging.

Policy for the quality, environment and safety

Policy for the quality, environment and safety
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