Polymers for sport shooting

Sept. 23, 2020

Polymers for sport shooting

A few years ago, polymers began to make their mark in the world of long firearms, replacing traditional wood in the manufacture of basic gun parts like the stock and fore-end.
A particularly challenging shift, because shooting and hunting enthusiasts consider noble wood to be an integral part of the sportive and hunting experience. In this like other sectors, plastic is inevitably associated with the concept of poor material, unattractive and used for low quality items.

The advantages of engineering polymers have however been demonstrated to be clearly superior, not only in typical hunting and shooting scenarios, but also in operating situations where the tactical use of the weapon is not limited to purely technical and practical aspects.
Without doubt, wood delivers aesthetic advantages and is unrivalled in its pleasing appearance which becomes more about the material than the actual object. However, wooden stocks are subject to a series of significant limitations, especially in certain areas of usage.
This is the case for hunting in wetlands, due to frequent contact with water and mud, or hunting in thick undergrowth, where thorns, stones and even minor accidental knocks can ruin the finish.
The changes in size of wooden fibres caused by moisture can even compromise the reliability of the firearm, a particularly pressing problem in precision shooting with a carbine or rifled barrel.

The use of synthetic material originated with military weapons, where perfect functionality has to be a guarantee under the most extreme conditions.
The size characteristics and mechanical properties of polymers are not affected by water or temperature.
Plastic is suited to serial manufacture as well as custom manufacture of stocks and buttstocks, shaped to optimize a comfortable shoot, aim, and recoil management.

Polymers are also suited to all types of finishing applications, including aesthetic and tactile finishes, and stability against the effects of UV radiation.
Resilience, chemical resistance and unrivalled mechanical sturdiness confirm plastic as the perfect solution for every weapon and shooting situation.
LATI produces and offers different compounds designed for the production of stocks and fore-ends to combine with precision firearms that are reliable even in the most hostile environments, formulated with high viscosity resin that is intrinsically resistant to impact, toughened with elastomers and reinforced with glass fibres.

These engineering polymers are ideal for overmoulding metal chambers and breeches in addition to creating thicknesses for perfect aesthetic results.
LATI compounds therefore are providing shooters with a new sportive and hunting experience.

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