Metal detector and X-rays: a comprehensive detection system

Jan. 12, 2016

Metal detector and X-rays: a comprehensive detection system

LATI’s experience in detectability arises from intensive development of compounds with strong paramagnetic and ferromagnetic behavior.

Based on the excellent market acceptance of MDT compounds (Magnetically Detectable Thermoplastics), LATI’s R&D engineers have pushed forward the frontiers of detectability of plastic elements by formulating a new family of materials that offer both traceability in the presence of a magnetic field and opacity to X-rays.

Double detection is a common requirement in the pharmaceutical field, where the absence of any kind of contaminants is of paramount importance, and for this reason different safety measures are taken at the same time.
X-ray and magnetic detection at the same time are also recommended in the traceability of materials placed underground, such as electrical enclosures or special purpose enclosures.

The new products, called MDT09, are available on any base resin and keep the properties of many LATI MDT grades, including the suitability for food contact.
Despite the presence of special mineral fillers, MDT09 products provide excellent colorability and are formulated so as to provide laser markability.

Thanks to these non-common features, these materials are well suited to the most various application requirements, including the manufacture of identifying elements based on the color or presence of bar or alphanumeric codes.
Mechanical properties, too, remain excellent among filled compounds, with elongation at break and impact resistance exceeding, respectively, 10% and 17 kJ/m2 (unnotched charpy) in the PPh-based version.

MDT product range includes today over ten different formulations ranging from the simple detectability of 05 grades to the strong paramagnetic behavior of MDT16.

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