Thermoconductive and self-extinguishing: LATICONTHER 62 GR/50-V0

Oct. 12, 2015

Thermoconductive and self-extinguishing: LATICONTHER 62 GR/50-V0

The rapid diffusion of LED-lighting systems is also supported by the possibility of developing lamp bodies made of thermoconductive technopolymers, because the conversion flexibility of these materials allows molding of efficient and versatile items.
Solutions available today provide for the use of thermoplastic compounds filled with thermally conductive ceramics or graphite. These solutions, in fact, showed equivalent to metal in terms of transport of the heat generated by LED electronics, at least when air circulation occurs under natural convection conditions.

Over time, the growing power generated by LED systems required materials ensuring absolutely safe heat removal even under high temperature and current, and hence in fire-risk areas. To meet these requirements, LATI now offers a self-extinguishing version of its LATICONTHER 62 GR/50 thermoconductive compound.

This material is LATICONTHER 62 GR/50-V0, PA6 with 50% graphite reinforcement. Its special formulation also ensures self-extinguishing properties without affecting thermal and mechanical properties of material.
In fact, LATICONTHER 62 GR/50-V0 features the same thermal conductivity as the material it is derived from – about 15 w/mK – but in addition it is flame-retardant, V0 certified according to UL94 standard from 0.75 to 3 mm.

Glow wire performance is also excellent; this compound was certified for 960°C at 1.5 mm in both GWFI and GWIT thanks to the highest-level flame retardant compound.
All this is obtained without affecting the good mechanical strength and robustness properties of standard LATICONTHER 62 GR/50, and ensuring extremely easy molding.

Designed to solve the problems connected with the technically most demanding applications, LATICONTHER 62 GR/50-V0 is best suited to the manufacture of recessed lamp bodies and radiators, e.g. in sectors such as furnishing, industrial machines or transport, that is, where fire risk is absolutely to be avoided.
LATI specializes in thermoconductive compounds since 2004, and offers today a wide range of grades engineered on many different resins, from PP to PC, from PA to PPS, and from PBT to PEEK.

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