Lati’s products are created following many phases of analysis:
development of competitive formulations thanks to an attentive quality-price ratio, analysis of the input coming from the market, a continual search for innovative solutions in compliance to the new international directives and regulations.

The choice of resins and additives following a careful quality control certainly represents an important phase in the activity of a compounder, but the ideas from which these new solutions are obtained and then proposed to our customers are the fruit of experience and incomparable dedication.

“Compounding Solutions” is not only a motto but a mission to which Lati has been dedicated for over 70 years and which continues to be dedicated to.

Thermoplastic compounds products guide engineering, flame retardant, high performancePRODUCTS GUIDE
flame-retardant and
high performance engineering thermoplastics overview

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Thermoplastic compounds special materials guideSPECIAL MATERIALS
Special materials guide
Polyamides moisture absorption POLYAMIDES
Moisture absorption
Self lubricant compounds low wear & low frictionLATILUB
Engineering polymers featuring low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance
Thermoplastic compounds for metal replacement METAL REPLACEMENT
Hi-performance compounds, with high mechanical properties
Thermally conductive thermoplastic compoundsLATICONTHER
Thermally conductive thermoplastics compounds
Thermoplastic compounds for water & food contact COMPOUNDS LATI
For water & food contact
Radiopaque thermoplastic compoundsLATIGRAY
Radiopaque thermoplastic Compounds
Electrically conductive thermoplastic compounds LATIOHM
Electrically conductive compounds