Latimass density controlled thermoplastic compoundsDENSITY CONTROLLED

LATIMASS is a range of compounds designed to offer controlled and variable density almost continuously between 0.75 and 11 g/cm3.

High density products
For the manufacture of these products, heavy mineral or metallic fillers are added to suitable polymeric matrices. In this way, variable densities up to a maximum of 11 g/cm3 are obtained.
The choice of the base resin allows to ensure the filling of cavities with complex geometries, even with thin walls.

The finished products show an excellent surface finish, good dimensional stability, interesting mechanical properties, but above all a weight comparable to that of metals. The high density of these LATIMASS products allows the use for the manufacture of masses, counterweights and parts in which the weight sensation is important, e.g. in jewelry and in the world of fashion and design.

Low density products
They represent an alternative to the use of blowing agents, which in the field of injection molding often prove difficult to manage or even impracticable.
Low density products are filled with special hollow glass spheres suitable for the manufacture of materials with a density below 1 g/cm3.

Extremely lightweight, with excellent surface appearance, rigid and with good dimensional stability, these LATIMASS products are ideal for the manufacture of sporting goods, floats and mechanical parts with low inertia.



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