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Storage system for electronic componentsSTORAGE SYSTEM FOR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS

In electronics, the presence of static charges is a phenomenon to be absolutely avoided.
For this component warehouse a movement system using colorable antistatic compound has been designed.

The system reliability is ensured by intrinsically conductive polymers.
Pad flatness is obtained by filling the PP matrix with 30% talc.

Torch for atex environmentsTORCH FOR ATEX ENVIRONMENTS

In the presence of explosive atmospheres, legislation imposes strict limits on the electrical resistivity of plastics.

For this torch, the surface electrical resistivity of the case is reduced by means of conductive polymers, which also ensure good appearance and colorability.

Conductive wheels for conveyor beltsCONDUCTIVE WHEELS FOR CONVEYOR BELTS

Proper grounding of complex machinery such as conveyor belts is possible if also the tape supports are conductive.

For a light load management system, these practical wheels made of polyolefin filled with carbon black are ideal from an electrical and mechanical point of view.

Leveling feetLEVELING FEET

A support base designed to constantly support the weight of machinery operating in ATEX zones.

Its feet are made of PA6 reinforced with glass fiber, and electrical conductivity is obtained with carbon fiber.

Antistatic properties are combined with mechanical strength and reliability over time.

Noise meterNOISE METER

A precision instrument designed to work in any environment, including explosive atmospheres.

The case protecting the electronic part is molded in fiber glass and carbon reinforced PA66.

Antistatic, shockproof, weather and UV radiation resistant, practical, light and safe.