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Coil former for transformers | LATI S.p.A.COIL FORMER FOR TRANSFORMERS

Lightweight, cost-effective, robust, with excellent electrical performance and easy to convert: glass reinforced PA66 is the most versatile of conventional LATI’s thermoplastic compounds and is widely used in the electrical and electronics industries.

Book loader for paperback | LATI S.p.A.BOOK LOADER FOR PAPERBACK

Mineral fillers become the most important additive when mechanical strength requires high dimensional accuracy of finished products.

In this case, the weight of paper reams used in bookbinding is managed by a PA6 element with mineral fillers that ensure compliance with design dimensions and excellent appearance.

Drain pump for washing machines | LATI S.p.A.DRAIN PUMP FOR WASHING MACHINES

The appliance industry requires high reliability of functional elements used, such as the drain pump for washing machines in the photo.

Excellent mechanical properties are to be combined with high chemical resistance to water and detergents, as well as a fair market price.

Glass fiber reinforced PP wins the challenge.

Exterior lamp | LATI S.p.A.EXTERIOR LAMP

Neutralization of aggressive atmospheric agents and solar radiation is essential for outdoor applications.

The formula of the material should also feature excellent appearance and high dimensional stability for a tight fit between the various lamp elements.

Result achieved with PA6 and special mineral fillers.

Valve body for solvents | LATI S.p.A.VALVE BODY FOR SOLVENTS

PPS is a resin for high temperature applications, but it is an excellent choice even when chemical resistance is an issue.

As in the case of this valve used in solvent painting.

Extreme dimensional stability is provided by a system of 60% by weight mineral fillers.