Green & sustainable: compounds, LATIGEA B01 L/07, made of PLA and wood fibersGREEN & SUSTAINABLE

The LATIGEA range contains formulations based on raw materials obtained from sustainable and renewable sources, such as synthesized PLA, starting from corn starch – biodegradable according to ISO 14851 and 14852 at the conditions specified by these international standards.

Among the available compounds, LATIGEA B01 L/07, made of PLA and wood fibers, has obtained the “OK Biobased” conformity mark by the international Vinçotte laboratory thanks to its 100% Biobased content – that is totally originated from renewable sources – due to the use of natural fillers such as wood fibers from sustainable forests (FSC certified wood).

The high ecological performance of LATIGEA B01 is strengthened by the compostability of the base resin constituting 90% of the formulation according to EN 13432 for low thickness parts.
The excellent ecological profile is just one of the key features that make this material a winning product.

Conventional PLA is combined with other resins from sustainable sources, such as semi-crystalline PLA, which can also be used in applications requiring temperatures close to 100°C.



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