Thermoplastics for high temperature: PPS, PPSA, PEEK, PSU-PES-PPSUHIGH TEMPERATURE 

From miniaturization of electronics to restrictive anti-pollution regulations that rule the automotive world, technological evolution requires material resistance to ever higher temperatures.

LATI offers designers a series of compounds designed for use at temperatures normally not applicable to current use polymers as regards both peak and continuous values.

High heat resistance is also combined with high chemical inertness, excellent mechanical performance and easy conversion:

  • PPS: Suitable for continuous applications up to 200°C its molecular structure ensures intrinsic self-extinguishing properties, excellent dimensional stability, oxidation resistance and strength even in the case of prolonged exposure to heat and constant loads;
  • PPA: The aromatic polyamide is reliable even at 150°C, when the normal PA6, 66 and 12 are normally offside. Much less hygroscopic than PA6 and 66, this material is an excellent solution especially for structural applications subjected to impacts, vibrations and high stresses;
  • PEEK: The non-plus-ultra of LATI semi-crystalline thermoplastic matrices, this material is suitable for continuous use up to 260°C with peaks of 300°C. For uncompromised applications;
  • PSU-PES-PPSU: These amorphous sulphonate polymers are normally used for products requiring transparency, extremely high dimensional stability and resilience.  Ideal for medical use or contact with water and food, they can withstand various types of sterilization and temperatures in the order of 200°C.


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