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High temperature coil former for transformers | LATI S.p.A.HIGH TEMPERATURE COIL FORMER FOR TRANSFORMERS

PPS is a very versatile polymer, suitable for the manufacture of electronic elements with very thin thicknesses.

Intrinsically self-extinguishing at any thickness, it can withstand temperatures up to 200°C without strain or degradation, as required by this coil former for transformers.

Fitting for fuel lines | LATI S.p.A.FITTING FOR FUEL LINES

PPA owes its popularity in the automotive world to its thermal resistance, mechanical properties, but above all to its chemical inertia and low humidity absorption.

For a series of fuel fittings, carbon fiber reinforced PPA provides extreme robustness and antistatic properties.

Housing for diagnostics video camera | LATI S.p.A.HOUSING FOR DIAGNOSTICS VIDEO CAMERA

In the medical field, PSU is particularly suitable for the manufacture of items with high dimensional stability, aesthetically impeccable, resilient and resistant even to sterilization operations.

It also performs well from a cytotoxic point of view, as proven by the ISO 10993-5 approval of this housing for optical device.

Thermal probe | LATI S.p.A.THERMAL PROBE

PEEK is the ideal polymer for continuous use above 250°C.

Also suitable for peaks above 300°C, it also offers maximum chemical resistance, intrinsic self-extinguishing, self-lubrication.

Also available in versions suitable for contact with food, as in the case of this thermal probe for industrial cooking ovens.

Lamp holder for ovens | LATI S.p.A.LAMP HOLDER FOR OVENS

High temperature resistance makes PPS also perfect for many applications in the electrical and electronics sector, where distortion or degradation of products due to heat are to be prevented.

Intrinsic self-extinguishing properties allow to use glass-reinforced PPS for the manufacture of highly thermally stressed lamp holders.

Level detector for corrosive liquids | LATI S.p.A.LEVEL DETECTOR FOR CORROSIVE LIQUIDS

Chemical resistance of polymers is strained by increasing operating temperature.

For the manufacture of technopolymer elements operating in aggressive and high temperature environments, reinforced PPS is an always winning choice.