Thermoplastics compounds magnetically detectable, ties for food industryMAGNETICALLY DETECTABLE

MDT (magnetically detectable thermoplastics) compounds are designed to be detected by any type of detector, even when present in very small parts.
This property makes them suitable for metal replacement in all those fields, especially the food sector, where the absence of pollutants and contaminations of any origin is fundamental.

Unlike conventional compounds reinforced with ferromagnetic powders, MDT grades are detectable by all metal detectors available on the market, both those with permanent magnet and the most modern with balanced coils. The MDT formulation does not require the use of steel fibers or metal powders, and does not contain carbon fibers, graphite and carbon black.
For this reason, MDT products do not release powders or particles during operation that are difficult to identify and therefore capable of dispersing in the working atmosphere and of contaminating the process or finished products at a distance.

MDT compounds, which are available on every thermoplastic resin of LATI’s range, have been designed to be suitable for contact with food.
The natural color of these compounds is grey, but colored MDT proposals can also be formulated to better meet specific application requirements.

While MDT materials are not magnetizable, compounds filled with ferrite of the FE family can instead be detectable or become magnets.
By using the most efficient ferrites, elements that can be magnetized in the machine can be injection molded becoming, in turn, effective magnets.



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