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Ties for food industry | LATI S.p.A.TIES FOR FOOD INDUSTRY

The food and pharmaceutical industries require fastening and closure elements to be always traceable by detectors to avoid unwanted contamination.

Ties made of magnetically detectable compounds combine detectability and strength, flexibility and suitability for contact with food.

Metal detector detectable pen | LATI S.p.A.METAL DETECTOR DETECTABLE PEN

In the food processing chain no detail should be left to chance when it comes to safety and cleanliness.

For this reason, the operators’ pens have also to be traceable by detectors of foreign bodies.

Detectable tie for electric cablesDETECTABLE TIE FOR ELECTRIC CABLES

Not just food & pharma.

The industrial sectors in which it is essential to prevent any product contamination are many.

Cable ties used in electrical systems may also be a problem, unless they are perfectly detectable by metal detector.