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X-ray opaque filament | LATI S.p.A.X-RAY OPAQUE FILAMENT

Molding solutions become reality also for filament 3D printing.

PLA filled with 35% radiopaque ceramics can be converted with conventional printers to obtain functional X-ray opaque products.

Radiopaque catheter for medical use | LATI S.p.A.RADIOPAQUE CATHETER FOR MEDICAL USE

An advanced system for the correct use of catheters in the medical field requires an X-ray traceable guide element that is perfectly visible thanks to the 95% by weight tungsten filled compound.

Housing of cathode tube for x-ray equipment | LATI S.p.A.HOUSING OF CATHODE TUBE FOR X-RAY EQUIPMENT

Lead replacement in X-ray equipment is essential to mitigate the impact on the environment and human health connected with this metal.

For the housing of the X-ray generator cathode tube, LATI offers compounds with up to 96% by weight tungsten.

Ureteral dilator | LATI S.p.A.URETERAL DILATOR

Medical application intended for contact with human tissues, colorable, homogeneously radiopaque thanks to the formulation containing 45% special ceramics.

The polyolefin matrix ensures maximum flexibility despite the mineral filler.

Support for dentistry | LATI S.p.A.SUPPORT FOR DENTISTRY

Positioning system for dental implantology, detectable in diagnostic radiography.

The radiopaque ceramic filler is moldable thanks to an anhygroscopic PBT matrix.