SELF-EXTINGUISHING Self-extinguishing thermoplastic compounds

The presence of flame retardant additives to polymers allows their safe use in applications where the risk of fire must be minimized, such as, e.g., in the electrical, electronic, household appliances and transport sectors.

Most of LATI’s self-extinguishing materials are certified by the strictest international laboratories for flame resistance and prolonged use at high temperature.

Compounds offered by LATI are designed based on the most effective flame retardant formulations:

  • Halogens: these are the most tested fire-fighting systems, consisting of a halogenated primary additive and its synergy.
    All formulations are temperature-stabilized for a safe and practical conversion in most injection molding processes, including hot runners and small diameter submarine gates.
    Ideal for the best performance in both the flame resistance and the glow wire test (GWIT, GWFI);

  • Red phosphorus: present in all grades of the KBx family, red phosphorus is a perfect solution when self-extinguishing properties are to be combined with excellent resistance to creeping currents.
    The KB4 grade also passes the GWIT test> = 775°C as required by the IEC60335 standard.

  • Halogen free: effective and with low environmental impact.
    These materials are based on PP, PA, PBT and PPA in which self-extinguishing does not include the presence of elemental phosphorus or halogens. The most disparate solutions range from organic chemistry of phosphorus of HF1 grades to intumescent systems.

All LATI self-extinguishing compounds are perfectly compliant with the most stringent standards for the protection of human health and the environment (RoHS, Reach).


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