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Thermoplastic resins self-extinguishing, switch, thermoset replacementSWITCH, THERMOSET REPLACEMENT

Thermoset replacement in electrical equipment is a compatible process with lower environmental impact than thermoplastics, but it requires attention to design specifications.

In the case of this circuit breaker, a reinforced PBT with a halogen-free formulation was successfully used thanks to the UL94-V0 certified self-extinguishing at 1.5 mm and a CTI value of 600 V.

Thermoplastic resins self-extinguishing, electronics for solar systemsELECTRONICS FOR SOLAR SYSTEMS

Electronic devices used in the solar field have very strict requirements in terms of flame resistance and performance over time.

The chosen compound offers maximum performance in terms of flame resistance and a UL-certified Relative Thermal Index at 140°C.

Thermoplastic resins self-extinguishing, condenser housing CONDENSER HOUSING

Excellent levels of self-extinguishing and resistance to creeping currents, but also good fluidity to uniformly fill thin walls without causing deformation.

The manufacture of housings for industrial condensers also requires the use of robust and resilient materials, such as LATAMID 6 H-V0.

Thermoplastic compounds self-extinguishing, cover for recessed lampCOVER FOR RECESSED LAMP

The housing of lighting elements involves a discontinuity in the thermal insulation of ceilings unless the lamp is housed in a dimensionally very stable and thermally insulating container, which has also to be self-extinguishing and resistant to GWIT and GWFI tests.

Thermoplastic compounds self-extinguishing, lightning protection mcbLIGHTNING PROTECTION MCB

The requirements of an electronic device for lightning protection require excellent self-extinguishing properties, mechanical strength, and resistance to the GWIT test.

ABB also relied on the formulation free of halogens and red phosphorus for the winning proposal PM EP 15 15-275 RES.

Thermoplastic compounds self-extinguishing, brush holder for electric motorBRUSH HOLDER FOR ELECTRIC MOTOR

Self-extinguishing and structural uses are normally not available in a single material due to formulation constraints.

This is not the case of LATAMID 66 H2 G/50-V0HF1 in which the UL94-V0 certified flame resistance is ensured by a matrix containing 50% glass fiber by weight.

A proposal without halogens and red phosphorus, ideal for metal and thermoset replacement.

Thermoplastic compounds self-extinguishing, enclosure for electronics, railway sectorENCLOSURE FOR ELECTRONICS, RAILWAY SECTOR

Intended for use in the railway sector, this ABB contact carrier requires maximum self-extinguishing properties as well as resistance to 600 V creeping currents.

R22 HL3 requirements according to the European standard EN45545 are met by the low toxicity and opacity of LATAMID 66 H2 G/25-V0CT fumes.

Thermoplastic compounds self-extinguishing, support for armored resistanceSUPPORT FOR ARMORED RESISTANCE

To support armored resistances used in the household appliance sector, a self-extinguishing material is required, which should also feature dimensional stability to facilitate assembly, as well as chemical and temperature resistance.

The classic formula of reinforced compounds filled with red phosphorus of the KB family perfectly meets these requirements.

Thermoplastic compounds self-extinguishing, fuse holder made by LATAMID 68 H2-V0FUSE HOLDER

A typical application is that of fuse holders, in which, however, excellent self-extinguishing properties are to be combined with flexibility, temperature resistance and good aesthetics.

In addition to all this, LATAMID 68 H2-V0 also offers a Temperature Index of 130°C.

Thermoplastic compounds self-extinguishing, charging connector for electric vehiclesCHARGING CONNECTOR FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES

A charging system for electric cars necessarily requires great attention to the environment.

For this reason, the Libera connector system from Scame Parre uses a halogen and red phosphor-free material self-extinguishing certified, mechanically performing, and with an excellent appearance.