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Bushing for hospital bedsBUSHING FOR HOSPITAL BEDS

Maximum comfort and ease of handling are achieved with a product fillled with molybdenum disulfide, robust and mechanically stable.

The absence of external lubricants ensures the necessary cleaning in the hospital environment.

Refrigerator door closureREFRIGERATOR DOOR CLOSURE

The fluidity of movement is combined with the pleasing aesthetic appearance and excellent dimensional stability in a very critical application from the end user’s point of view.

POM resin and PTFE minimize noise and the sensation of resistance perceived in the door opening.

Bushing for industrial oven fan BUSHING FOR INDUSTRIAL OVEN FAN

An application exposed to high temperatures and the action of steam and grease, which requires noiselessness and reliability.

The fan supports are made of PPS to resist heat and chemical etching, filled with graphite and PTFE that ensure a smooth movement thanks to the obtainable dimensional accuracy.

Support flange for liftsSUPPORT FLANGE FOR LIFTS

A safety element in the steering of industrial elevators should not fear wear, friction and environmental factors.

These are the reasons for filling a PBT polyester matrix with PTFE.

Gears for professional pruning machinesGEARS FOR PROFESSIONAL PRUNING MACHINES

Professional work tools are required to feature excellent and constant performance over time.

In order for the power transmission to the cutting edges of these shears to be fluid, without jamming and dispersions, graphite filled PEEK and carbon fiber reinforced PTFE are chosen.

Opening mechanism for protective helmetsOPENING MECHANISM FOR PROTECTIVE HELMETS

Safety and comfort are overriding requirements in the world of personal protective equipment.

PTFE and aramid fibers are added to a PA66 matrix to minimize friction and wear.

The use of the lifting system is even more pleasant thanks to the high dimensional stability of elements composing it.

Rotary cam for mccbROTARY CAM FOR MCCB

ACTI9 is a modular system for the final low voltage distribution of Schneider Electric.

To activate the internal mechanisms of ACTI9 circuit breakers, a self-lubricating compound with high dimensional stability, based on PC and PTFE, reinforced with glass fiber, has been chosen, which ensures perfect operation even in the absence of external lubricants.

Automation manipulatorAUTOMATION MANIPULATOR

Wear resistance is essential in kinematic motion and machine parts used in automation.

With PTFE and aramid fibers, friction and abrasion are minimized even in parts subjected to stress millions of times during operation.