Structural thermoplastic compounds gradesSTRUCTURAL GRADES

Metal replacement with structural synthetic materials is now a real possibility offered to designers who want to combine the most advantageous aspects of polymers with the versatility and low cost of injection molding.

LATI’s structural grades feature dimensional stability, stiffness, strength and resistance even under extreme stresses, repeated and protracted over time, typically causing failures due to excess load, creep, relaxation and fatigue.
Resins used, from PP to PEEK, ensure satisfactory performance up to temperatures above 250°C in continuous.

The reinforcements used are:

  • Glass fibers up to 65% by weight;
  • High tenacity carbon fibers up to 50% by weight;
  • High modulus carbon fibers up to 45% by weight.

These reinforcements allow to achieve unthinkable performance for short-fiber anisotropic materials, such as an elastic modulus close to 40 GPa and a 300 MPa breaking stress.
Special versions are also developed to meet the most various requirements: from self-extinguishing to self-lubrication, from electrical conductivity to contact with water and food.

Mechanical strength and appearance are combined in LATIGLOSS grades a PA66 and PPA family dedicated to projects in which structural performance is to be combined with excellent surface finishes.

Metal replacement operations are also possible in the field of contact with drinking water thanks to the structural NSF, ACS, WRAS and KTW certified grades.



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