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Ball bearing cageBALL BEARING CAGE

An extreme example of metal replacement.

The cage of a ball bearing is an element requiring not only structural strength, but also high dimensional stability and, in this case, resistance to atmospheric agents and solar radiation typical of outdoor exposure in the nautical sector.

Weaving loom supportWEAVING LOOM SUPPORT

The use of high modulus carbon fibers allows to obtain reinforced compounds featuring an elastic modulus of over 40 GPa, twice the best glass fiber reinforced material.

Ideal for minimizing strain under load, a necessary factor where maximum dimensional accuracy is required during operation as in the textile industry.

Anti-unscrewing washer for antennasANTI-UNSCREWING WASHER FOR ANTENNAS

PA66 and PA6 are among the most versatile resins when it comes to inserting large amounts of reinforcing fibers.

For elements subjected to constant stress, relaxation and creep resistance is ensured by 50 and 60% glass fibers.

Hook for nautical useHOOK FOR NAUTICAL USE

Metal replacement becomes a challenging exercise when it comes to combining mechanical response with low weight.

For stainless steel, the ratio between the density of metal and that of a structural compound is close to 5.

An element subjected to high stresses, such as this hook for nautical use, can weigh less than half of its metal homologue.

Clamcleat and rope blockCLAMCLEAT AND ROPE BLOCK

Metal replacement also means resistance to impulsive stress, such as sudden impacts or accelerations.

Persistent vibrations typical of automotive sector have also to be effectively managed.

So glass fiber comes along with carbon fiber for applications without compromise.

Door handleDOOR HANDLE

The presence of reinforcing fibers may compromise the appearance of products.

To ensure a perfect appearance, LATIGLOSS compounds based on 40-60% glass fiber reinforced PA66 and PPA were developed to give smooth, homogeneous and shiny surfaces to structurally resistant products such as metal.