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Housing for power electronics | LATI S.p.A.HOUSING FOR POWER ELECTRONICS

A revolutionary concept of housing for electronics.

The heat generated is removed by an electrically insulating but thermally conductive self-extinguishing compound, V0 certified even for thin thicknesses.

Ideal for outdoor use thanks to its special formulation.

Heat sink for led lamp | LATI S.p.A.HEAT SINK FOR LED LAMP

The design world meets the frontier of thermoplastic compounds.

LED cooling is ensured by the 50% graphite dispersed in the LATICONTHER used for the heat sink manufacture.

This material perfectly realizes the designer’s idea, giving lightness and modernity to the whole.

Cover for automotive brake pump | LATI S.p.A.COVER FOR AUTOMOTIVE BRAKE PUMP

Graphite and glass fiber for a compound in which thermal conductivity is to be combined with maximum strength and dimensional stability.

In the automotive sector, performance and reliability requirements over time are met with LATICONTHER 62 GRG/500.

Heat sink for underwater led lamps | LATI S.p.A.HEAT SINK FOR UNDERWATER LED LAMPS

The pool environment is particularly critical due to the aggression of water and disinfectants.

Underwater lighting is provided by a sealed LED lamp in which cooling is performed by the base in 50% graphite reinforced PC.

Heat sink for recessed led lamps | LATI S.p.A.HEAT SINK FOR RECESSED LED LAMPS

Graphite reinforced thermally conductive compounds are chosen by Vossloh Schwabe for the manufacture of a complete range of LED lighting elements of different power, also intended for recessed applications.

Overmolding of electronic coils | LATI S.p.A.OVERMOLDING OF ELECTRONIC COILS

The cooling of active devices in electronics is a problem that goes hand in hand with the miniaturization of circuits.

Cooling has to be provided by each element, including housings, which until yesterday were made of normal plastics.

Today, performance and safety of various overmolded components are ensured by conductive ceramics.