Safe and metal-free railway industry

Safe and metal-free railway industry

The railway industry is among the most active in the process of replacing metal and many thermosetting plastics.
The purpose is to gain lightness, compatibility with the environment and, of course, performance.

LATI has long since decided to believe in this innovation, and has expanded its range of EN 45545 and NFF16 101-102 certified materials also including compounds especially designed for highest mechanical, electrical, and flame resistance performance, such as LATAMID 66 H2 G/50-V0HF1.
Based on PA66 and with 50% glass fiber reinforcement, this compound provides a tensile strength of nearly 2,000 kg/cm2 without, however, becoming brittle, is UL94 V0 certified up to 0.75 mm, and provides excellent resistance to creeping currents, with a certified CTI of 600V.

The body of the new rotary switch manufactured by SPII, a leading Italian company in the design and manufacture of integrated driver desks and components for trains and subways, is made from LATAMID 66 H2 G/50-V0HF1.
Switch body and actuating lever requirements are drastic, as properly imposed by the sector of use. Static mechanical performance is to be associated to reliability over time, with a specifically high resistance to creep and fatigue.

Thermal requirements should consider operating temperatures from -40°C to +70°C, a range that is easily manageable by the selected LATAMID 66.
Certification of compliance with EN 45545 standard was also successfully obtained by LATAMID 66 H2 G/50-V0HF1 with a HL3 classification for the set of requirements R22 and R23.

This ensures absolute material reliability and safety as regards self-extinguishing properties and dangerous fumes for use both inside and outside the car body.
The innovative proposal by SPII becomes a new element of pride for the production of LATI, and confirms the common will to continue along the path that leads to the sale of increasingly high-performance and safe products for the customer and the environment.

New concept brush holders in thermoplastic compound

New concept brush holders in thermoplastic compound

LATAMID 66 H2 G/50-V0HF1: LATI’s proposal for metal and thermoset replacement in structural applications also requiring self-extinguishing properties.
Here is a new success for one of the most innovative compounds recently developed by LATI.
SELNI has chosen LATAMID 66 H2 G/50-V0HF1 for the manufacture of new brush holder arm used in electric motors, generators, and power transfer systems.

The arm is the seat of the conductive graphite element in charge of electric power transmission to the device.
The design of this component requires an extremely tough and reliable material even at a working temperature exceeding 100°C, for both obvious structural reasons and ensuring a continuous and constant contact between the graphite electrode and live parts.

Other aspects of equal importance in this particular project are the tracking resistance, which with LATAMID 66 H2 G/50-V0HF1 is 600 V, and the UL94 self-extinguishing level, V0 certified on thicknesses between 0.75 and 3 mm.

Dimensionally stable and easily convertible, LATAMID 66 H2 G/50-V0HF1 has been also chosen for its low environmental impact ensured by the formulation compliant to RoHS regulations and halogen and red phosphorus free.
The V0HF1 material is a perfect replacement for conventional brass components, which are expensive to manufacture due to the number of geometrically complex parts.

This material is also best suited as an alternative to thermosetting composites, which, by definition, are non-recyclable and problematic from the environmental point of view.
In this case, the V0HF1 proposal replaced traditional PA66 reinforced by 50% glass fibres, featuring red phosphorous as flame retardant.

A major issue was then solved, that is production of potentially hazardous compounds of red phosphorous after prolonged exposure to environmental moisture.