Customer support for research & development

LATI R&S is characterized by a strong and long experience in the electric, electronic, automotive field and a deep knowledge in the injection moulding of High Performance Thermoplastic Polymers, such as PEEK. Nowadays Lati is, in fact, both a good Customer support for the development of new projects, for the resolution of single applicative problems and a source of innovation for the research of solutions in new and high technological fields and sectors.

In fact, during the years LATI R&S has always privileged a good relationship with the Customer (both as multinational and as a start-up), in order to satisfy every Customer specific requirement through custom-made products.

Advanced solutions, the unfaltering will to explore new ways and the research of innovative and higher technological materials: these constitute the Lati R&S engine, allowing LATI to offer solutions for extreme, sometimes even “pioneer” applications.

Research and Development

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