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The face of plastics is changing: we are seeing the emergence of biobased resins with a low environmental impact and innovative formulations including raw materials derived from renewable or recycled sources.
We are also seeing a change in attitudes to polymers: now delivering extraordinary haptic properties, these materials are breaking into sectors they were once precluded from entering.
These are the trends that will shape the near future, in which everything is possible and plastic materials will write new pages in the history of design, fashion and consumer goods.

bio-based resins

multi purpose

Design and fashion

Sometimes, the impressions generated by a product are as important as its function.
The materials we can turn to in such cases include technical and aesthetic materials of vegetable origin, filled with biomass and fillers from renewable sources, as well as compounds filled with ceramics to confer a sense of weight and coldness to the touch.
These are material ideas suitable for the automotive, furniture and fashion sectors, and our imagination is our only limit.


This is a demanding sector, in terms of both product performance and product image.
LATI offers the cosmetics sector the following: self-lubricating materials, oil- and solvent-resistant resins, density-controlled compounds (to make caps and bottles feel heavy), antibacterial, biobased and compostable products.

Bio-based and recycled materias

Preserving the environment and natural resources, reducing the carbon footprint, recovering and reusing.
These vigorous market demands have pushed LATI to offer products obtained from sustainable sources, even compostable according to the criteria set by current rules.
Then, a focus on new raw materials from post-consumer or post-industrial recycling.
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Aug. 4, 2021

Self-extinguishing compounds for electric mobility

LATIGEA awarded the ‘OK biobased’ conformity mark

March 9, 2020

LATIGEA awarded the ‘OK biobased’ conformity mark

Beyond the limitations of PLA

Feb. 12, 2020

Beyond the limitations of PLA

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