Research & Development

The LATI R&D team boasts a wealth of experience, gained in many different markets, as well as a deep insight in the formulation and injection moulding of high-performance thermoplastic polymers. Today, its natural inclination for continuous innovation makes it the ideal partner for the development of new projects and the solution of individual application problems.

LATI R&D team’s capacity to develop cutting-edge solutions, the desire to explore new avenues, and the constant search for innovative and technologically advanced materials are the driving force allowing them to propose solutions for extreme and pioneering applications. This constant activity is supported by the well-equipped LATI laboratory

Technical Assistance

LATI offers its expertise in technical discussion at the customer, in the tailored formulation service, in co-design engineering, molding assistance and problem solving, as well as in training courses dedicated to the development of specialist technical knowledge also at the customer site.

LATI offers its customers the opportunity to verify the validity of the projects through computer simulations performed with state-of-the-art software and dedicated skills. It is possible to optimize not only the thermal and mechanical performance of products, but also to correct the mold layout before it is built or to solve molding and deformation problems.

Training Courses

Through specific training courses, organised by qualified tutors, useful and necessary knowledge is made available to the staff and interested customers, so enabling them to carry out their work successfully; the objective is in fact to develop and improve the professional and managerial competence of the individual involved, in addition to responding to specific technical-cognitive requirements which have arisen in specific company sectors.

Considerable importance is accorded to technical courses which consist of training seminars. These courses are offered to the customers by LATI’s commercial executives.

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