A winning project begins with the correct selection of the material to be used on which the mold, the production cycle and the design of the product are to be optimized. LATI offers its expertise in technical discussion at the customer, in the tailored formulation service, in co-design engineering, molding assistance and problem solving, as well as in training courses dedicated to the development of specialist technical knowledge also at the customer site.

LATI offers its customers the opportunity to verify the validity of the projects through computer simulations obtained with state-of-the-art software and dedicated skills. It is possible to optimize not only the thermal and mechanical performance of the products, but also to correct the mold before it is built or to solve molding and deformation problems.

Fluid dynamics simulation

Numerical simulation programs allow to optimize the configuration and the balance of the mold, the arrangement of the thermal conditioning runners, and the kinetics of the filling of cavities with the molten compound.

Shrinkage and deformation, too, are accurately calculated, thus providing valuable information to reduce time to market as well as fine-tuning costs for mold and process.

Structural calculation

Technopolymers and metals are physically very different materials.

The correct evaluation of the compound behavior in finished items subjected to mechanical stress, temperature, environment and time is a complex but fundamental challenge in feasibility checks.

Design optimization, strengthening, thickness reduction: with the FEM calculation, all these steps are performed so as to best exploit the properties of reinforced polymers as well as the peculiarities of the injection molding process.

Thermal calculation

With the marketing of thermally conductive grades, LATI enters the world of metal replacement also for heat transport problems.

Computer simulation of thermal conduction and diffusion phenomena inside items manufactured in thermally conductive compounds allows to design heat sinks, coolers or conductors, thus avoiding costs for metal conversion.

Molding assistance

Decades of experience in the conversion of technical compounds through injection molding.

This is the inestimable expertise that LATI offers to its customers all over the world not only to solve problems and optimize productivity and quality, but also to start production processes and correctly interpret the peculiarities of the most sophisticated compounds on machine board.

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