Created in 2001 as the initiative of 15 major European independent thermoplastic compound and masterbatch producers, EuMBC, formerly known as EThIC, is a sector group of EuPC and is particularly active in all the fields related to the plastic industry (e.g. REACh, Food Contact, Regulatory Affairs, New Technologies).

LATI Industria Termoplastici S.p.A., proud to be a founding member as well as part of the board, is actively involved in key issues promoting a safe use of plastic materials.

EuMBC provide effective solutions and support to compounders, masterbatchers and plastic converters. Enhancing the properties of the original raw materials and proposing a wide range of colours and solutions, EuMBC members represent all the market (Packaging, Building & Construction, Food Packaging, Health Care, Automotive, Electrical & Electronic, to name but a few).

EuMBC is active in PEST (Plastic Exposure Scenario Team) a recognized organization grouping Raw Material Producers, Compounders, Masterbatchers and Converters, aiming at defining practical standards and generic exposure scenarios in compliance with REACh requirements.

EuMBC is also active in FREP (Food contact Regulatory Experts Panel) another recognised organization within EuPC, aiming at defining details about real compositional requirements in guidelines but also working with other food contact actors on migration/exposure tools for the plastic industry in order to achieve compliance with the regulations.

EuMBC members regularly meet twice a year to discuss common issues affecting the compounding and masterbatch industry as well as to define position statements and developing strategies to influence the European regulations.

EuMBC’s overall objective is to advocate and promote the interests of the European thermoplastic independent compounders and masterbatches through a number of activities among which:

  • Defining and communicating EuMBC’s position on European regulations and policies
  • Monitoring the law-making process on legislation affecting its activity
  • Maintaining and improving relationships with the European institutions, other professional bodies and non-governmental organisations
  • Promoting business surveys to enable members to compare their companies’ performance with the European trends

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