Artemide and LATI: the success of Ameluna

May 28, 2018

Artemide and LATI: the success of Ameluna

“An innovative vision of design where light is able to generate emotion and interaction”. This phrase perfectly fits Artemide’s presentation of Ameluna, the lamp designed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Style.

Artemide and Mercedes-Benz are leaders in their respective fields and the development of a synergy between the two could not have been expected to result in anything other than a new icon, destined to become an eternal point of reference in the world of lighting design.

Ameluna — the name is a blend of Artemide and Mercedes with Luna (Italian for moon) — is a lamp designed to reflect and diffuse, in an unusual way, the light produced by a series of LEDs arranged inside it and controlled by a sophisticated and innovative optoelectronic system. The elegant asymmetric dome in PMMA is the most surprising part of this object, although every element of the whole reflects its highly innovative content.

Innovation: Artemide regards innovation as a concept that must embrace respect for ethical and sustainable values, especially when it comes to products designed for people and the environment they live in.

This deeply-held philosophy of design underlies the decision to adopt innovative solutions with a low environmental impact even for the most hidden part of Ameluna, that is to say the large round ring that houses the LEDs and also allows the lamp to be suspended from the ceiling.

To create this important element Artemide chose to use thermally conductive compounds supplied by LATI. The demands of the design are such that the engineering polymer must be able to effectively dissipate the heat produced by the LEDs but also fulfil a structural function, supporting the weight of the entire fixture. To guarantee maximum aesthetic quality, Artemide decided to produce the ring as a single monolithic piece: a challenge within a challenge, given its considerable size and the dimensional stability, in terms of flatness and roundness, that it must guarantee in order to ensure perfect coupling with the dome.

The design phase saw the LATI technicians engaged in an intensive simulation activity and FEM calculation that allowed them to establish the thermal performance of the material, the best configuration for the mould, and the optimal moulding process setup. The material, too, was carefully studied and improved, especially with regard to its rheological properties, in view of the flowability it must possess in order to efficiently fill the mould cavity in spite of the large quantity of non-abrasive ceramic fillers necessarily dispersed in the polymer matrix.

The heart of Ameluna is made from LATICONTHER 62 CEG/500-V0HF1, a PA6-based product that contains isotropic, thermally conductive ceramic fillers, and is self-extinguishing yet free of environmentally harmful additives such as halogens red phosphorous. The formulation of the material helps to ensure not only excellent thermal and mechanical performance levels, but also low dimensional shrinkage and excellent surface smoothness and varnishability.

The happy ending to the Ameluna story is a lifetime of safe and reliable performance!

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