Electrically conductive and colorable for ATEX

June 9, 2015

Electrically conductive and colorable for ATEX

Safety in explosive atmospheres has been regulating for years by the European ATEX Directives, which identify, among many other parameters, the maximum surface electric resistivity below which the accumulation of electrostatic charges is not observed.

The problem is particularly acute for plastic products, on which the formation of high electric potentials may cause dangerous discharges as being a potential ignition source for fire and explosion.
The traditional solution for antistatic compounds is the use of carbon black, graphite, and carbon or steel fiber based fillers.
These approaches are all valid, but strongly limit the image of the finished product, which is available only in black.

LATI’s wide range of electrically conductive products includes LATIOHM PD02 grades, in which electrical resistivity is reduced by the presence of special polymers ensuring, in addition to antistatic properties, colorability without the need of special painting.
A modular torch made of yellow-colored LATIOHM 62-08 PD02 G/35 in compliance with ATEX was developed and marketed for professional use.

Safe and lightweight, but sturdy due to the 35% glass fiber reinforcement, the LATIOHM torch is composed of different interchangeable parts for a very flexible and varied use.

The base resin selected for this project is PA6, a polymer that is chemically resistant to oils, greases, and hydrocarbons, very fluid and versatile, suitable for the molding of aesthetically pleasing parts.
In the choice of formulation, LATI distances itself from solutions with antistatic properties limited to a few weeks, since PD02 compounds permanently ensure a resistivity of less than 10^9Ω.

Despite the presence of glass fibers, pigments and dissipative polymers, all LATIOHM PD02 products are suitable for the manufacture of parts of even large size and thickness without the need of special equipment or measures.

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