Electrically conductive compounds for the HVAC industry

Oct. 4, 2018

Electrically conductive compounds for the HVAC industry

The continual improvement in comfort levels in closed environments where people work is achieved thanks to solutions that heating, ventilation and air conditioning professionals make available to us.
The research objectives in this field are aimed at the achievement of constantly improving performance, such as curbing energy consumption; all without compromising safety, naturally.

Condensing type boilers make up a family of devices designed to deliver the quantities of heat we need in our homes, while minimizing losses.

Wolf GmbH, a German leader in the heating and air conditioning sector, puts people’s needs for comfort and protection at the heart of what it does. In order to ensure the safety of its gas heaters, Wolf has decided to adopt electrically conductive LATIOHM to manufacture the couplings that handle the air-gas blend.

Such a delicate project obviously presents many exacting needs. Electrical conductivity first and foremost, that must be homogeneous, uniform and sufficiently elevated to prevent electrostatic charge accumulations.

With the LATIOHM 66-07 PD08 G/30 that Wolf has included in its project, electrical resistance is kept under control by carbon fibres and specially selected electrically conductive additives. Mechanical sturdiness is imperative, even at temperatures normally found inside a boiler. This task is handled by reinforcement fibres – glass and carbon – that take the material to a breaking point well above 100 MPa even at 90°C.

The coupled parts are held firm by the dimensional stability of the compound, the fruit of intense R&D work by LATI and extraordinarily elevated for a material containing consistent quantities of reinforced fibre.
The life expectancy for LATIOHM sleeves is elevated by the maximum chemical inertia of the substances present in the air-gas blend and the resistance to thermal ageing of the polymer component of the compound.

Considering the diffusion of these goods even on the US market, LATIOHM 66-07 PD08 G/30 also enjoys UL certification with RTI. The range of LATIOHM electrically conductive compounds includes solutions for all types of needs, from antistatic products to more complex, conductive polymer and carbon nanotube formulas.

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