Holmbergs Safety System chooses LATI compound for Roll Fix™

Sept. 5, 2022

Holmbergs Safety System chooses LATI compound for Roll Fix™

With the aim to minimize the misuses in the daily use of child car seats, Holmbergs´ engineering team has developed Roll Fix™ a never-seen-before active harness with an advanced retractor system integrated into the seat. The retractors continuously pull in the belts and prevent them from being extended.

Holmbergs: design and safety since 1938

Holmbergs was founded in 1938 in Sweden and has since then grown into a global organization with production facilities on several continents.
Holmbergs started manufacturing safety systems for cars as far back as the 1950s and child safety systems in the 1970s.
As a fast growing organization they have complete development teams on three continents. Products are being designed in close cooperation between the teams and tested at the best independent test institutes in the world.
Over the years they have developed a lot of innovative and reliable products which have won awards and save children´s lives every day.
Holmbergs are committed on all levels to ensure that the products continues to be safer and better designed. Someone has to take a lead and show the way in terms of both development and quality, and that is precisely what Holmbergs is all about.

LATIGLOSS structural compounds for the Roll Fix™ safety system

Thanks to advanced structural FE simulations and supported by skilled experience ensuring all the strict mechanical requirements with very high dynamic stress, LATI is offering LATIGLOSS for the Safety retractor Cam and Coil.
The LATIGLOSS range, features PA and PPA based compounds reinforced with glass or carbon fibres and tuned for perfect surface finish. These materials are an excellent choice in demanding metal replacement applications and belong to LATI portfolio of STRUCTURAL COMPOUNDS.
LATI STRUCTURAL COMPOUNDS feature high content of glass and carbon fibers, deliver dimensional stability, rigidity, strength and resistance, even when exposed to extreme, repeated or long-lasting stresses.
This is made possible thanks to outstanding stiffness and stress at break close to 300 MPa. The base polymers used, from PP to PEEK, are reliable at continuous temperatures from 80 up to 260°C.
Special versions are available, e.g. self-extinguishing, self-lubricating or certified for food and water contact. PA66 and PPA based LATIGLOSS compounds are designed for structural components of high aesthetic value.
Want to know more? Write to us at https://www.lati.com/en/contacts/

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