LATI awarded at SAP Quality Awards 2021

Dec. 1, 2021

LATI awarded at SAP Quality Awards 2021

LATI has been awarded as one of the 4 finalists in the "Digital Pioneer" category of the SAP Quality Awards 2021, obtaining an important recognition for its initiatives related to digital innovation. The "Digital Pioneer" category rewards the most innovative and cutting-edge projects.
Digitization is one of the pillars of LATI's strategy. LATI's CEO, Michela Conterno, is a promoter of continuous improvement, inspiring the whole project team formed by LATI Management and Altea UP.
Making strategic decisions quickly and monitoring the company’s situation and production processes are key issues for LATI. For this reason, LATI has chosen to implement the Digital Transformation path involving different business areas, and in particular:

  • Revision of the Digital Core with the conversion to SAP S/4 HANA: introduction of innovative elements and improvement of day by day management
  • Introduction of Real Time Analysis based on reliable and concrete data through data consolidation (BW4 HANA) and with an immediate and usable front end through SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
  • Management of economic and simulative planning in an integrated and smart way with the adoption of SAP Analytics Cloud Planning
  • Use of the SAP Digital Boardroom to ensure the usability of data and flexibility in determining strategic choices through an intuitive and innovative front end
  • Collection of Factory 4.0 information with the collection of reliable, timely and punctual data both from factory operators via MES SAP MII and directly from machines via IoT

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