LATI Industria Termoplastici achieves Gender Equality Certification: 'We celebrate the uniqueness of each person'

Dec. 15, 2023

LATI Industria Termoplastici achieves Gender Equality Certification: 'We celebrate the uniqueness of each person'

Smartworking, the 'Let's Respect Each Other' course, support for the Libellula Foundation, high standards and annual resources for inclusion initiatives: concrete examples of the Vedano Olona-based plastics company's commitment to an inclusive work environment.

Vedano Olona - LATI Industria Termoplastica has been awarded the Gender Equality Certification, an acknowledgement that underlines the Vedano Olona-based plastics company's ongoing commitment to creating a fair, inclusive working environment based on mutual respect. The certification was awarded after a careful examination by CertiQuality. A result also achieved thanks to the support of Univa Servizi, the business services company of Confindustria Varese.

Michela Conterno, CEO of LATI Industria Termoplastici, comments "This certification is a tangible proof of our commitment to gender equality and to creating a work environment that promotes mutual respect and inclusiveness, as well as of the continuous determination of our entire company to promote a work environment that celebrates the uniqueness of people”.

In addition to its gender equality efforts, LATI has successfully implemented smartworking for some years now, enabling office staff to work up to 5 days out of 5 remotely. This flexibility supports work-life balance, parenting and embodies the company's commitment to providing a modern and flexible working environment.

The 'Let's respect each other' course, introduced in 2022, is another significant step forward. This training initiative, carried out with the support of the EOS and Aquilone associations, aimed to raise awareness among employees on gender stereotypes, promoting a respectful and inclusive corporate culture.

LATI actively supports the Libellula Foundation in the fight against violence and gender inequality, strengthening the company's role as an agent of positive social change.

LATI's commitment extends to ensuring equal career opportunities, equal economic treatment, work-life balance conditions adapted to the different stages of life, a working environment that rejects stereotypes, discrimination and all forms of physical, digital and verbal abuse, a corporate culture based on diversity and inclusion, and the reduction of bias.

The recently established Guidance Committee is responsible for defining and implementing gender equality initiatives and aims to develop a strategic plan that includes clear, measurable and realistic objectives, assigning responsibilities for implementation over time.

LATI's management is committed to providing an annual budget for the development of activities to support inclusion, including the organisation of events, the creation of communication content, the development of safe reporting methods and company perception surveys.

The Guidance Committee will maintain an active role in managing and monitoring issues related to inclusion, gender equality and integration, ensuring high standards over time.

LATI therefore stands as a model of inspiration, creating a future where diversity is celebrated and inclusion is a fundamental pillar.

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