LATI & PRODIR: "green" cooperation for the environment

May 10, 2015

LATI & PRODIR: "green" cooperation for the environment

The rapid development of sustainable and environmentally friendly products certainly rewards the companies that consider "green" products an important opportunity to share with the market.

In fact, great attention is increasingly paid to materials and solutions aimed at freeing the environment from problems connected with the processing, use, and disposal of products from raw materials of non-renewable fossil origin.

LATI, leading manufacturer of high technology thermoplastic compounds, was among the first companies in its sector to interpret this trend by developing a range of materials of all-vegetable origin for injection molding.

The LATIGEA family is developed from polylactic acid (PLA), a polymer obtained, for example, starting from starch and adding to this resin various additives, such as wood fiber or vegetable pigments. For ethical and commercial reasons, LATI decided neither to approach solutions involving mixtures of PLA with other polymers of petrochemical origin nor to adopt oxo-degradable materials, because in both cases, the absolute sustainability of materials introduced in the market would have completely failed.

First protagonist of this proposal from LATI was Prodir, a Swiss leading group worldwide in the field of promotional writing instruments.

Characterized by careful design as well as the proverbial Swiss quality, Prodir pens become the carrier of the customer's name, combining its logo or message with the promotional item.

For this reason, it is unthinkable to create pens showing gaps in the quality of construction or material they are made of. Prodir's choice was therefore particularly accurate in identifying as the best product for their new generation pens a particular version of LATIGEA, characterized by the presence of wood fiber on PLA resin colored according to customer's specification.

Thanks to the excellent teamwork made between Prodir and LATI, the catalog of the Swiss company includes a conceptually new range of pens characterized by sustainability and low environmental impact.

The long lifetime of the product is also worth mentioning, which is an important feature that can be obtained using reliable, robust, safe, and easy to process raw materials. LATIGEA grades are increasingly used in the most various applications, but with a common factor: the focus on the environment and quality of our future.

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